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ollie webCritter Outfitter and Valerie have taken care of our cats Charlie and Ollie for several years - Valerie put both my cats on a diet - the first time she came to see us she told us that Charlie was way too heavy and so it was that both cats went on a diet. Each year Valerie and her team of wonderful ladies take care or our cats when we go on vacation. I trust them completely. They watch over my cats, bring them toys and special treats, they take our mail in for us. It's just a wonderful service and I wouldn't let anyone else ever take care of the cats.

Valerie you are a special person and, you know something about everything and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care and love your provide Charlie and Ollie.

—Liliane Zaretsky


fred webI am the willing lackey of a big gray cat named Fred, who has the power to make my life delightful or miserable. Fred prefers constant attendance, and he used to be terribly surly when we came back from vacations. Then, three years ago, a friend suggested we enlist Critter Outfitter to keep him sweet in our absence. Valerie and her staff are efficient, professional, reliable and fun. I never worry about Fred for an instant, while I'm away and, more to the point, he is pleasant to us when we come home. He would be embarrassed to have this made public, but Valerie's recommendation of Fat Cat food for him has also slimmed him down a little bit. Believe it or not.

—Carol Wallace Hamlin


timmy webValerie and the Critter Outfitter staff always went out of their way to
ensure that Timmy was well cared for and that he didn't get too lonely,
while I was away. They also took great care of me and my peace of
mind with regular email check-ins. I recommend their services highly.







Critter Outfitter has looked after my kitties since 2005 when I moved into the neighborhood. I have three cats (ages 3, 13 and 17 years) and each of them has their own distinct personality and way of interacting. Valerie and the gang took the time to get to know each of my kitties and know their favorite toys, favorite foods, favorite grooming and favorite hiding place.   When I leave the kitties in Critter Outfitter's hands, I know that they will be well taken care of. Truthfully, without trusting Critter Outfitter the way that I do, I would not feel comfortable taking trips away from the home. Whenever I return from being away, the kitties are calm, well fed, and happy. Valerie even keeps in touch via email and phone calls, while I am away to assure me that the kitties are doing fine. The kitties love Valerie and team and so do I! If you want to work with a professional, caring, and sensitive team of people, who are dedicated to taking great care of pets and love what they do, Hire Valerie & Critter Outfitter to pet sit. They are truly the best! I have worked with cat sitters in NYC for 15 years and Critter Outfitter is the best.  

Thanks for all that you do! I appreciate you!

—Julie (Ricky & Sophie) in Washington Heights


buddy lynn webslinky lynn webMy husband and I have had excellent experiences with our vacation pet care given by Valerie and her professional staff. They operate with high standards, observing proper protocol involving the house key transfers, the emergency money, phone numbers for contact, in case; and sufficient care instructions conveyed so that all are comfortable with the arrangements. It always proceeds smoothly and according to plan; I would highly endorse this service. Our two cats, Buddy, a Tabby male and Slinky, a Bengal female, are healthy, happy and well tended to in our absence, which is the goal.

—Lynn (Buddy & Slinkly)


Valerie has been heroic while cat sitting for Lucille and Franklin. The former is elderly and needs 4 pills a day and the latter is only adorable to his people, and not often at that. If Valerie can wrangle Lucille and Franklin, she can run the world (or at least serve as Mrs. Parberry's Chief of Staff)!

—Liv Blumer
The Blumer Literary Agency, Inc.


cornelius webCritter Outfitter has become a part of our family over many years.
Through several generations of kitties, they have cared for our
beloved pets, in good times and bad, through illness and behavioral
crises, and always with love and skill. Valerie has always been there
for us, offering advice and the wonderful services of her band of reliable
and trustworthy helpers. Cornelius loves them, and so do we!

—Irene & David King




Just a quick note to say "Thank You" for taking such wonderful care of Alex Cat (AKA "HRH") while I was on vacation. She could not be in better and your team really have her best interest at heart with each daily visit...and you watched my plants and apartment with the same care and attention. I really enjoyed getting your note updating me on how she did, while I was away. But best of all, your insisting I call and advise the status of my return and letting you know when I was home really reflects your attention and feeling of responsibility you show to your charges.

I'm glad she has become social with fact, when I returned she was the mellowest she has ever been with me after a trip...usually she won't talk to me for days...but this trip she was all lovely and welcoming! I can't imagine letting anyone else take care of her!

—Phyllis & HRH


edith webI'm so grateful to have Critter Outfitter in the neighborhood. As a first-time cat owner, I've had many questions about how to care for my little friend, and Valerie and the rest of the staff have always been able to help. I've also repeatedly used their Critter Care service when I've needed to leave town--they have been completely reliable and have entirely earned my trust. When the December 2010 blizzard kept me away from New York, they fought through the snow and cared for my cat four extra days. Critter Outfitter takes excellent care both of their customers and their customers' pets.

—Alyssa Timins





sheila freia2 webFor many years my wife and I have been committed to taking one long vacation a year. The only regret I had about the practice was that it left our two little girls (cats) and home alone for a long period. We tried a new plan for cat sitters each year, but each year our daughters seemed stressed and overwrought when we returned. It took a week or two of us being home before they returned to their normal behaviors. Thus our yearly vacation always included a bit of guilt, as I knew the cats were not happy, while we were away.

I cannot say how lucky we were to find Valerie and her staff to step in and care for our girls. I was struck by the professionalism and knowledge of the preparations from the start. They took care of everything our cats could need, and made arrangements for emergencies, should they ever occur. One year our cats had to continue taking some medication while we were away, but that was no problem (They probably knew better how to give our girls their medicine we did). While we were on our vacation we received regular check ins and updates, just to make sure everything was O.K. But best of all, when we got home our cats were calm and contented. It was like we had just returned from a day of work. Our cats were happier, and the guilt was gone. I have no reservations about recommending Critter Outfitter and her staff to anyone. Their knowledge, professionalism and caring should not be doubted.

We have since moved out of Manhattan, and thus are no longer able to stop by the shop. It is certainly a shame, we miss having a local store that knew and cared about our cats. It is not easy to find a place that can give one the kind of personalized service that Critter Outfitter could. It was very much a community center for our pets and local pet lovers.


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