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Ted Powers

  • Roles: Dog walking, cat sitting, nail trimming
  • Hails from: Battle Creek, Michigan
  • Grew up with: Two kittens, Cagney and Moose, and dogs of all kinds, including a poodle mix named Friskie, the best dog a kid could hope for.
  • Currently owns: A kitty named Dora; lives with a quad of kitties.
  • What he loves about Mrs. Parberry (our mascot): It's great to have her around because she is the perfect product tester. She allows us to get instant feedback. Her hobbies include bird watching and getting cat hair on our freshly laundered clothes.
  • Favorite breed: I don't really have a favorite breed; they've all got their own cute factor. Cat or dog, big or small, long hair or short hair, I love them all. I do have a special place in my heart for the breeds that I grew up with, including Beagles and Golden Doodles, and domestic short-haired cats.



Hanna Suero

  • Roles: Nail trimming, graphics, photo assistant, web work, New Media
  • Hails from: Washington Heights/Manhattan, New York
  • Grew up with: Sam, The Sandwich Cat, a black panther kitty, Candy, a mean-tempered Calico and an assortment of small critters.
  • Currently owns: Maggie, A Black Lab/ Pit bull Mix, Fatso, a short-haired guinea pig and Squeakelina, a long-haired guinea pig.
  • What she loves about Mrs. Parberry (our mascot): Do I have to choose a quality? Ok fine, Mrs. Parberry is beyond awesome in every way, she's cuddly but she is headstrong and meows her mind when she feels like it.
  • Favorite breed: I love all dogs but there is a special place in my heart for Pit Bulls and Labs and especially a mix of the two, which I meet a lot.



Valeri Volinski

  • Roles: Owner of Critter Outfitter, does everything that is needed-hands on with cat sitting, dog walking, nail trimming, photography, product design, CO's website, and all our New Media
  • Hails from: Palo Alto, California
  • Grew up with: A zoo of animals-everything from pet newts to hamsters. We always had cats. Lobbied parents relentless for years for a dog.
  • Currently owns: Five cats in two homes-so they have their own territory. But no one technically "owns," Parberry-she's her own woman.
  • What she loves about Mrs. Parberry (our mascot): She's an inspiration.
  • Favorite breed: Impossible to pick. Love sight hounds because they are leggy and I had a Greyhound. Partial to Siamese and Somalis as I have had both cat breeds. The short-haired shelter mutt (cat and dog) is the great American breed-you can't beat it.


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